", "I wanted to "THANK YOU" for a wonderful hunt during the 2011 4th season. For license information, please, contact: THE RANCH TRESPASS FEESWILLBE AS FOLLOWS, beginning January 1, 2022: 4 day hunt / 5 night accommodations upon availability, additional night accommodations , please, make the necessary arrangements with the management), . Mainly, because there aren't as many hunters around, so one has the run of the ranch. BOOK A TRIP NOW! The cabin that came along with the property was highly outdated and in need of a serious facelift. Rocky Mountain Ranches Private land trespass fee hunts on quality ranches Guaranteed Tags Urge 2 Hunt Deer/Elk tags - DIY or guided for all species New Mexico Hunts! Dec 31 was the last day for cow elk season. Looking at 25,26,8, or 9 but open to other units. Once again, early in the year, the snowfall was minimal and therefore, we entered the summer months without any significant deep moisture in the ground. Wyoming Big Game Outfitter Thunder Ridge Outfitters is a licensed and insured Wyoming outfitter. This was my first elk hunt and I'm sure it won't be my last. This is a great hunt for a group of buddies or family. Beautiful day for a hike on the "Y Lazy S Ranch", for this hunter from Oregon. It was magnificent. All of our antelope areas offer the hunter a chance to take a 2nd buck for the price of a license and a trophy fee. The hunt was simply awesome, and the tahr hunting was the most exciting experience that I have ever had. Serving Sportsmen for over 45 years! Our ranch is located 40 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming just south of Wright, Wyoming. Very convenient location relative to town and truly remarkable amounts of game.A piece of Heaven on Earth. The night was cold and snowy, but, I slept well in the hunting blind atop one of the ranch's high spots. And, on March 16, 2015, we were successful with the purchase of this wonderful piece of land, consisting of 1,018 acres. per campsite (no use of bathrooms), any number of hunters. I have hunted all over, on many guided hunts, and this PH of yours is hands down- the finest I have ever known! Our hope is that we draw your area again, so we can return. He no longer got there, and it started to snow. But remember, you want to buy that preference point between June and October the year before your hunt, or else cross fingers and apply . One-of-a-Kind Wildlife Hunting Expedition in a Private Ranch. Thank you very much for letting me hunt and stay on your land.". From the beginning we were treated as cherished friends, not simply clients. Once again, we had 100% success deer hunting, bagging some very respectable bucks and we got a couple bull elk, but, the elk were rather small bulls. Our hunter who traveled the longest distance to come hunting this year, was John Spain. we have been offering trespass onlyhunts with minimal other services offered. The elk hunters had to work a little harder; we got several cows and a couple of bulls. That is, almost everybody. About Frosty Acres Unfortunately, in 2012, a couple of our older friends and customers, passed on and I wish there was a way I could say to them: "I already miss you". Of course, the hunting pressure on the mountain started pushing the animals down further. The guides were very friendly, as was the whole staff. www . 10/6/2018 Book solo or with a group. It started with the exciting plans of trying to put together the land deal for the purchase of the "Chapman property". The accommodations were excellent with the cabins being in great condition and super clean. Listen to what they tell you and you will have success. ** This is not a landowner list. I thought that after that experience, I would never hear from Vince again. Please, call us for information regarding: availability on hunting spots, hunting fees, accommodations and full care while hunting on the, Aleka's cellphone, email: aleka@ylazysranch.com. ACCOMMODATIONS, always upon availability), Please, check with COLORADO PARKS AND WILDLIFE TO VERIFY DATES FOR ALL SEASONS FOR, ROCKY MOUNTAINELK, MULE DEER, PRONGHORNANTELOPE, All Mule Deer licenses are by draw ONLY., Second and Third Season Elk licenses can be purchased overthecounter.. Because of the very unique arrangement we have in managing the hunting on this great ranch, and with so few hunters, we have decided to also add on 5-day hunt, in addition to the 3-day hunt. It was a mature 6X6 Tule Elk Bull. Learn More About Our Gillette Wyoming Hunts. Some of the hunters had to go back home emptyhanded. The reason is because of the way we were treated by ALL of you.Having run Banks for over 30 years, and working with ALL sizes of business, I am a stickler for customer service, and YOU folks, excel at it. 2018 was a fantastic year for hunting. Butch was great to work with and really went out of his way and worked hard to work out the details for us. Have attached a couple of photos. Feb 24, 2020 #3 wytx WKR Joined Feb 2, 2017 Messages 1,721 Location Wyoming See if the county has a GIS web page that has a map and shows landowners names. If you look closely at the pictures of Alex after he downed his first cow elk, you can see that he is holding a branch in is right hand. We are making some noteworthy changes beginning with the 2015 hunting seasons. $1700 per hunter. Our operation is set up for prime antelope habitat, with various terrain and several antelope . Mainly just for our doe tags. Anyone looking to hunt deer or elk in NW Colorado should contact you first thing. O. 89 Muddy Creek Road, Buffalo, WY 82834 (307) 217-1401 wadetaylorta@gmail.com: Wyoming Antelope, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and Elk Hunts State of Wyoming license # BG-166 : Welcome to . Book us down for next year". much closer than their westward wintering grounds. I work very hard, as you well know, to get ready for the few days you will be here. I could go on for hours, but suffice to say, I took 10 animals; my buddy Chris took 8; and we would not change one single thing! The outfit and the hosting was amazing from the time we arrived to leaving. UPON COMPLETION OF THE HUNT YOU ARE REQUIRED TO RETURN TO US THE LANDOWNER COUPONS THAT ARE ISSUED AS PART OF YOUR LICENSE. But, since the construction of numerous top quality log cabins now we are ready to offer you top quality accommodations in our cozy, heated log cabins, offering you a hunting experience like none else. Licenses Licensing: Idaho Department of Fish and Game Hunt #3: Nebraska Whitetails Congratulations Robert, wonderful trophy Desert Sheep on Mexico Hunt #280 Buffet An alternative dinner option is a hot and cold Dear Butch, I am writing to let you know that I had the time of my life with Francois, Reino, Hi Brian, this is Tony H., Mark & I booked a Red Stag hunt with you in Argentina. I took two wonderful bears, both with exceptional hides. Housing accommodations(in our GORGEOUS LOG CABINS. The antelope herds look great, with most of the does having 2 fawns, the mule deer herds look fantastic, too. With over 55,000 acres to hunt, which is close to 90 square miles, hunts are limited to one or two parties at a time, with a maximum of four to six hunters at any time; and often there are only 2 hunters. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Outfitter, Camp, Food, Guide, Equipment, Trophy care are all Excellent. It is not because we got our deer so early the first morning, either. Rockin' M Ranch. It snowed for two or three days. Due to the changing weather patterns we need to adjust thetiming of the hunting seasoons and they need to do that NOW. CAMPING anywhere on the property $250.00, per campsite (no use of bathrooms), any number of hunters. If you do not draw (results by around late June), the deposit will be rolled over to the next year or returned to you your choice. Brennen C. This is a mix of several commonly owned ranches (and some land-locked public ground that is not generally legally-accessible by the public), with an exceptional population of Wyoming speed goats. Its common to take your animals in a single day. A young bull taken by this Colorado man. In Craig we have a very nice City Market grocery store and a Walmart, where you can buy your groceries, your licenses, ammo and appropriate clothing, if you left home without some items. And Wyoming is tough on trespassers. A Conservation Stamp is mandatory and costs $12.50. Thank you for the heads up on this operation. Additionally, small chunks of state and federal lands are often ignored by many eastern Wyoming hunters, which is a mistake. Although, we continue to harvest numerous elk each year, our success rate is not near the 100% that used to be, even a couple of years ago. Glenn and I had a great experience hunting your ranch. Thanks guys for the wonderful pronghorn location. What are people here paying for trespass fees for antelope in Wyoming? And it was very reasonably priced to boot. The accommodations at cabin #1 were GREAT - hot showers, warm cabin, comfortable beds and great kitchen. But, sooner or later, I get it done; so, here I am again, trying to come up with something creative to describe what I would call "the most exceptional year yet". DEPOSITS Additionally there is the opportunity to hunt bear, turkey and wolves. Click the link below to get started. We pulled a stalk on a 6x6 with cows down in the valley, got in front of them, and shot him at 150 yards. License cost for Non-Resident are $ 272 for an adult and $ 110 for a youth, plus a 4 10 habitat stamp for both adults and Youth hunters from the Wyoming Game and Fish With a deadline on the draw being March 15th at 5PM. They simultaneously shot their two bulls from inside the hunting stand at the Cummings Place. YOUR INVOICE WILL HAVE THE ADDRESS OF WHERE TO SEND ALL PAYMENTS. There were, indeed, an amazingly largenumber of deer and antelope fawns in the lower country and elk calves in the high country. All Rights Reserved. The accommodations were great and the food was unbelievable. So many successful stories. They work very hard to get you animals and went above and beyond to get you your trophy. My turn, I caught my 4, and put Joan back in bow to catch her 4, and so we kept trading all morning. The daily laundry service was extremely nice and prevented the need to take a bunch of clothes. I wanted to take time to thank you and your staff for a great hunting experience. We hunt antelope in many areas of central and eastern Wyoming and the Red Desert of Wyoming. But, to my pleasant surprise, Vince has already made reservations for next year, and plans to do that same hunt again!!! We had a good hunt, but because the weather was moving in we got it done quickly. Dan and I had a wonderful stay at your ranch. After getting completely settled,---off to their gun range to shoot my gun as well as the 416 Remington rental. Wyoming is a premier Trophy Hunting destination for Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope. Butch, Thanks for setting me up on a great red stag hunt! But, if a hunter is hunting both species, then, the trespass fee paid, along with the complementary accommodations will be honored for the entire nine day length of the regular season. Mickie & Corey Fischer 307-237-8468 - 223 North Durbin Casper, WY 82601. Wyoming hunting Pinedale, Wyoming, Elk, Moose, Deer, Antelope, Bear, Bighorn Sheep. Great success with pronghorn antelope and mule deer during archery season. Our mule deer and the pronghorn antelope hunting is as good as ever, and the herds are getting bigger, healthier and higher quality animals for both species are getting to be more common. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime! The temps have been as low as -39F for quite a few days in a row and it has been snowing relentlessly. Being my first bull elk I got a bit excited and he calmed me down prior to the shot at 340 yards. We are also looking forward to see again old friends and meet some new ones. They, by instict alone, know that the hunting seasons are all over with; and they know where the feed is. LICENSE #:BIG GAME OUTFITTER LIC#BG-010 Northeastern Wyoming Private Land Hunt. My wife and I took our grandson Luke, on his first ever hunt for a Pronghorn on the "Y Lazy S" and the experience was excellent. So, the elk have been here since about the middle of December and they are hanging out, basking in the sun, to the torment of the "Ranching for wildlife" hunters, who cannot hunt them due to regulations, and they would not, anyway, due to the fact that, I will not do anything to get the elk moving. Our success continues to be unbelievable in both species and the quality of the animals is consistent..

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